Monday, February 9, 2015

Instagrammies 02/15

Welcome to round two of the Instagrammies (good timing, amiright?!), in which I share a few of my favorite accounts that I follow on my personal IG @weird_eyes. Did you follow any of the accounts from my first set? Which were your favorites?

1. DapperLou. It's funny - I was going to share this as "my favorite style account", but as I looked through the feed as a whole, there aren't as many style posts as I expected! Either way, the photography is great and the vibe is spot on. I love it.

2. BambooYang. I originally found this guy under #copicmarkers when I was posting some of Jonas' work before Jonas had his own account. His copic marker skills are out of this world, but he's also a talented tagger, though most of his work looks commissioned. It doesn't hurt that he posts pictures of the food in Taiwan (?) where he's from (?) and lives. Most of his captions are in Mandarin, and I'm bummed I can't read them, so I'm piecing together what I "know" about him. He has some buddies who he works with (as far as I can tell) and they seem to have a lot of fun goofing off/working together.

3. JenGotch. I'm crazy about this gals' cynical-glitter lifestyle. By that I mean the feed is full of pink hair, glitter pills, amazing donuts, neon "girls girls girls" signs, foster kittens (eeeee!) and disco-ball filled bathtubs (Jen runs a business of girls' accessories called, but she has a hilarious, self-deprecating sense of humor which make for some of the very best captions in my feed. She makes being in your 40s look way better than your 20s.

4. NatGeo. Sometimes IG accounts for household names like National Geographic are impersonal and clearly just for PR, but every one of the photos on this account (and they post a LOT) is fascinating, not to mention absolutely top-notch, visually. Duh. Doesn't this baby and baby joey just make your eyes bug out from the cuteness?

5. EmilyBlincoe. I'm a sucker for well organized, color coded things, and the subject matter for Blincoe's photos found object collages (pickles, mexican candy!) are right up my alley. Hearts for eyes.

6. SliceOfPai. Even if I love an account, sometimes I have to search through a lot of shots to find my favorite or a particularly strong one to share here. Not so with this account - ANY image could be plucked from her stream and win an award. Eye candy to the max. I always like a clever play on words, so her handle just tickles me every time I see it. This account is a combination of incredible food and travel photos, mostly with moody and rich colors, my favorite! I seriously want to show you every photo on this account, so just go follow it already.

7. TeenBug. This account features a really cute baby, but really, it's all about the captions. Every one just makes me nod my head for a long time. Here's an example (though it doesn't go with the photo I chose):
TEARS BECAUSE... My baby boy is turning 5 weeks old tomorrow and his newborn onesies don't fit him anymore.. Tears because said baby "could-not-would-not" fall asleep. Tears because I feel like I'm getting worse at this motherhood gig. Tears because I'm definitely worse at this wifedom gig. Tears because my super-gifted Xmen baby lifted his head up during tummy time today. I MEAN. Really. Lifted. It. Up. (Watch out Harvard.) Tears because I miss the little things like driving, drinking a hot beverage and chillin' in a dry bra. Tears because I caught husband dancing to John Mayer rocking our babe to sleep. FOR THE LOVE. Tears because I don't feel like myself anymore. More tears because I couldn't tell who I was before or who I want to be in the future. Tears because I should be sleeping instead of writing this. Tears because deep-deep down, I know I'm the luckiest girl in the world. TEARS BECAUSE. Just because. xoxo #welp

8. NYPL (New York Public Library). Librarians are my heroes. F'realz. NYPL has several great series, like old questions people asked of librarians before the internet, and using book covers to alter real faces (go see for yourself what I mean). I'm pretty new to following this account, but they seem very engaged with their audience, which is fun.

9. PaleyPhoto. This is a photographer I found via they Nat Geo account (they're great about tagging individual photographers!), and he caught my attention because he has a lot of images of people who live in the Pamir mountain range, which is where I grew up. His photos are of those living on the Afghanistan side, and we were on the China side. This little girl looks so lovely to me, though her cold-chapped cheeks break my heart!

10. WeNeverMet. If you like Humans of New York, you might like this account! It's all photos of strangers backs, captioned with made up details about them. Charming, and often funny and/or poignant. This guy's caption wasn't particularly great, but I'm obsessed with his sweatshirt.

That's all for this installment! Which is your favorite? Who have you been following lately that is worth sharing about? 

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  1. On the more low-brow end of things, I just discovered crazyjewishmom... kinda vulgar at times but I love it. I also love TeenBug! She's adorbs.


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