Sunday, May 18, 2014

Instagrammys 5/18

I'm reaching that precarious point where I'm about to be following more people on Instagram than are following me. RUH-ROH! But it's okay, my ego can take it, for a little while... but since you're here, you should probably go ahead and follow me too. Trust me, my TBTs are pretty impressive.

I've rounded up some of my favorite Instagram peeps that I follow to share with you guys because I think you'll love them too, and I never get tired of beautiful and inspirational images filling up my feed. Who do you follow that is consistently inspiring, both personal friends and professionals?

Here are 10 of my favorite Instagrammers, with blurbs on why I love them so much. The links on the photos are live, in case you want to explore their feeds further.

1. Justina Blakeney is hands down my favorite instragrammer. She is an interior designer and photographer, but her feed is full of so many wonderful, colorful, boho things besides interiors and sneak peaks at her forthcoming book. Her #bloomsonblack and #facethefoliage series of incredible plants and flowers are favorites of mine, and photos of her sweet daughter Ida (not too much older than Ishmael) will knock you out too. I love her cheerfulness, her spin on LA life, and her fabulous selfies.

2. Alex Strohl travels the world taking jaw-dropping scenes of nature. The British Columbia photos are some of my favorites with the turquoise lakes surrounded by white winter.

3. You probably know by now, I can't shut up about Bon Appetit magazine. Their instagram feed is a sneak peak into what their editors are up to from day to day - what they eat, where they travel, how to cook this or that. They also have great videos illustrating what various cooking terms look like in action and some slo-mo videos of "food porn" for Valentine's day which made me happy/giggly way down deep.

4. Bri Emery of Design Love Fest is proof that blondes have more fun. She describes her work as "where type and images totally make out", which is pretty much perfect. Her instagram is full of her personal style, her work teaching blogging classes, her life around LA, and her frequent travels. Light, airy, fun, whimsical... all good things. I want most of her clothes.

5. Humans of NY is a blog and book as well, but I like getting daily bites in my instagram feed. Each photo is of a person in New York and something they said to the photographer in answer to unknown prompts. The words are sometimes raw and painful, sometimes inspiring, sometimes sweet, sometimes silly, and always worth your time. The caption to the photo below said, "I have a neck injury so I had to tone it down this year."

6. Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio is a woman who has it all. It's truly hard not to be jealous of her. She and her photo-partner-turned-husband developed a special kind of digital photo that has a particular part that is in motion while the rest remains a still, and it rocketed them to fame and fortune. Jamie's personal style is impeccably classic and chic, she travels all over the world to exotic and dreamy places, frequently photographs celebrities at their parties and on the red carpet, works with some of the world's top fashion designers on the runway and in their studios... the list goes on. I especially adore the videos she and her husband put together to showcase various shows during fashion weeks.

7. Julie's Kitchen is shot after beautiful shot of food, plus incredibly fun food patterns such as the photo below.

8. I mentioned Orient 499 recently as a favorite online retailer I discovered, but their instagram is especially wonderful because it contains photos that you can't find elsewhere. I want just about everything they post.

 9. Poketo is the name of a store in LA run by a husband and wife duo from Korea. I love their colorful and modern wares, as well as all the photos of their life as Asians in LA. I keep a list of the places they talk about so I can visit when I'm in LA myself. I still haven't made it to their brick and mortar store, and I can't wait for when I finally get to go.

10. Tiny PMS Match makes me majorly geek out. I love Pantone swatches, I organize everything by color in my life, and I like tiny stuff. And I completely appreciate brilliant design and creativity in my core. The matches made in these images between found objects and PMS swatches is so spot-on. The photo below is a swatch of my current favorite color, plus I really love fruit gummies. 

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