Tuesday, March 3, 2015

January 2015

Listened: Kat Dahlia finally released her full length album. I wasn't stunned, but there are a few good tracks. I like her voice, but I wish she wouldn't rely so heavily on that guttural raspy thing she does, because it starts to sound gimmicky to me. Jose Gonzales is also leaking singles here and there, brilliant as always, so I'm anticipating a new record from him.

Watched: I wasn't really planning to, but I got sucked in to watching Nebraska when my dad put it on. It was better than I expected, despite it being critically acclaimed. Parts of it were very Nebraska-esque given my two trips there for friends' weddings, but what surprised me most was that it was sentimental, and actually wrapped up as a story. I expected it to be only a really harsh character profile. It reminded me of my favorite kinds of books to read, such as Ayn Rand's work.

Tasted: THIS. So easy, so delicious.

Next time you're tempted to write "wash me!" (or even better, "saving water!") on your dirty car, just challenge yourself a little bit with this.

The smell of rain, explained!

My favorite kind of dino is the sweet kind.

Zoo Tycoon is back, baby. I downloaded it just because it makes me happy. Nevermind that I will probably never play it due to the 20 other things that come first if I have any free time to spare.

This weather map of wind in the USA is mesmerizing.

Only in Japan. 1950s rockabilly gangs. So awesome.

In case you needed another reason to adore Gemma Correll, she has made a January paint palette that is the very best thing.

My parents got us tickets to see the Peking Acrobats for Christmas, and they were so awesome! And awesomely Chinese. Some of the feats were truly harrowing, and I was not at all convinced that they were going to survive the act. I did get to "talk" with some of the performers before the show, but my Chinese has gone down the toilet even more than I suspected, which was pretty sad. Even so, I loved having an evening that was very Chinese, in many ways.

We went on a family day out to Morro Bay which was SO fun. I made some great thrift finds, saw an amazing sunset, and had dinner in SLO where we met up with friends for the farmer's market. It was just a perfect day, and it got me thinking about how expecting Christmas to be a perfect day so often leads to Christmas being easily ruined by any little thing.

Jonas and I celebrated 3 years of marriage on the 14th, and 6 years of being a couple! Our schedule got messed up on the day of our date and we had to cancel reservations at our favorite dinner spot, but we ended up having a great evening anyway, even though Ira through up in the middle of dinner.

Boys: Ishmael is humming right along with his sentence building. Some of his favorite phrases are, "I found mew!" (his combination of me/you), "One second..." (particularly if he doesn't want to do what you've told him to do", "Actually, ...", "I'll get it", "'Hine you" (behind you), and "Dats... crazy!" He has a funny cadence to his speech where he often pauses between compound words, as in, "hot... chocolate". Not exactly sure why he does this. He continues to be Ira's favorite person, but is beginning to have trouble sharing and understanding what sorts of play are dangerous or painful toward Ira. He "dances" with Ira and pokes his cheeks, and somehow Ira loves it, though it drives me crazy because I'm not sure when to discourage him (the line is so fine between Ira loving and hating it). Ishmael doesn't listen well at this point (on most days), even as I step up my disciplining game to let him know I mean what I say. He getting more crafty with disobeying, and I often find myself at the end of my rope with him. // Ira started his first bites of solid food this month! Avacado was his first solid food. He loves to suck on oranges, too. He's a very manipulative cryer, and my dad calls him "light switch" for his ability to cease his crying the instant you pick him up or give him what he wants. He's a champ at sitting up, which I think has made him significantly more agreeable as he is probably much less bored now and content without being constantly held. It's amazing to watch him reach for deliberate things within his arm span. He is cooing and spluttering. // Both my kids belong on the NYT 3 under 3, wouldn't you say?

Loved: Warm summer nights. There weren't any in January, but I was thinking about them and loving them none the less! 

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