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12 Ultra-Inspiring Weddings

Wedding season is just around the corner! We'll see if I actually manage to make a series out of this, but I do have so much wedding inspiration that's just languishing away, not being shared, that it's time to start showing it off. // I love wedding styling. I don't love actual wedding planning. At all. Thanks to Pinterest, I can dream about and gawk over beautiful weddings for the rest of my life, but I only had to plan my own wedding once. My wedding ended up being pretty classic, though definitely with some personal touches. I had planned a much more "out-there" theme centered around the bird of paradise flower before I got really frustrated with all the tiny details and costs that go into making a wedding happen, and so instead, we literally got married in a courthouse, though it ended up still being a wedding. // Over the years, I've kept track of weddings that stood out to me as extra creative, and I made a round-up for you brides-to-be and brides-looking-back. You should probably hire me to make your wedding truly unique. By which I mean make you an amazing moodboard and then never talk to you again.

While you feast your eyes, here's what Jonas and I danced to at our wedding. And by danced, I mean super awkwardly shuffled.

1. Elora and Rajiv's 3-Day Bali Wedding. Possibly my all-time favorite wedding, photographed by Jonas Peterson, one of my all time favorite wedding photographers. Though not saturated with DIY details or quirky notes by any means, the raw beauty of this wedding is unbeatable. And the jasmine dress - OH. MY. GOD. I think I swooned to death when I saw it. Full of rich traditions, and a bride who is a truly inspiring person, I love everything in this wedding from the bridesmaids gowns, to the Banyan tree dinner, to the shadow puppet play.

2. Kestrin and Jonathan's 2-Day Carmel and San Francisco Wedding. Apparently I have a thing for multi-day weddings and brides who wear as many dresses as possible. This wedding majorly impressed me when I first started taking notice of weddings (it's a tad old now, and I'm less impressed with the photography!) but it has aptly been called the "wedding of the century" (complete with pedal-powered indoor ferris wheel and a grilled-cheese bar) by the photographers behind Feather Love. I adore the stormyness of the ceremony, and the raucousness of the after-parties. Day 2 started at the Palace Hotel in SF, where I've actually stayed before. I smile inside at the "San Francisco-yness" of their guests' apparel at the second reception. I quite like how they integrated their vows, and inspired by them, Jonas and I ended up reading the same vows (that we had written ourselves) to each other at the same time instead of taking turns.

3. 50s Sparkle Mod Inspiration [not a real wedding]. I always go back to this photoshoot when I think about themes that I love the most. Go-big or go-home, I say, and this shoot went big. Really, the one thing I take away from this set (though the bar is pretty and the timer seating chart is cute) is the bride's look. I am always in favor of head-to-toe silver sequins and I can't get enough of her eyelashes. I really like the pairing of the bouquet as well.

4. The Bride Wore Orange (Kirsty and Matt). Another stormy wedding - I'm a fan of the extra drama that weather can add. I'm also head over heels with the bride's look and her bridesmaids' style. They had a great first-married-kiss and a pregnant bridesmaid, also soft spots in my heart.

5. Family-style Foodie Reception (Emily and Rob). In general, I thought the style of this wedding was totally "meh" (sorry, people I don't know), but I'm gaga over their reception set-up and the incredible food, and the way they served it. You've gotta check out the other photos of their food. I get kind of overheated when I dwell on how much I love it. GOOD food at a wedding is so important to me, and I must say that the best food I've ever had at a wedding was at my own. Yah! I'm also fond of a fun getaway vehicle, and they chose a shiny motorcycle.

6. Allison and Paul's Garden Wedding. If you know me well, you know I am a sucker for beautiful paper. And this wedding abounds with just that (even the napkins stole my heart - details like that take a wedding to the next level). The flowers are also incredible, and I love the touch of the outdoor persian rug. The back of the bride's dress and her fan were also big plusses.

7. Lynette and Gris' Victorian Old West Wedding. While I never would have imagined this theme in a million years, that's kind of what I love about this wedding. It's so stylized (and certainly a niche style) without being "comic-con". The bride's rockin' hair, the feathered sanctuary complete with white peacocks at the altar, and the proposal painting are some of my favorite details.

8. Romeo and Juliet Street Art Photoshoot [not a real wedding]. Clearly, it's difficult to create this much of a set at real weddings, but it sure does make one go "wow". The luscious florals, particularly in the rich red-green scheme were a favorite of mine, and the cake was of note as well. The bottle-candles at the altar are an easily stealable idea.

9. Food Truck in a Field Photoshoot [not a real wedding]. I'm a fan of the intimate feeling of this imaginary gathering. It feels plopped down in the middle of nowhere, in a good way. It's cozy and simple, but has all the elements you need for a fabulous day - close friends and a private food truck! I'm beside myself with the wedding party style, especially for the ladies. Doesn't it just feel like you could get lost here for days?

10. Jill and Matt's Greenhouse Wedding. I love greenhouse weddings!!! This wedding has so many lovely personal touches too, from treasure hunt invitations, to the guys' customized ties, to a remembrance pin on the bride's dress for her mother (?), to a custom boutonniere for every guest (they got to choose how to wear it)! I think the alive-ness of the setting (frogs!) is so exciting. This is another wedding that gets major points for bomb-looking food. I would have fallen over from happiness to be a guest at this one.

11. Kristen and Dustin's Graffiti Wedding. This couple pulled off a very hipster personal style in a way that is somehow still not too much of a copy-cat of every other lace-gown-yellow-shoes-denim-shirt-skinny-tie-bearded look. Go, them. I'm crazy about their altar backdrop and their invitation suite is super fun as well. So clever to use the RSVP cards as a place to get a personal message or drawing from your guests - it's so hard to come up with something good when you're in line and on the spot at the actual wedding.

12. Amy and Jonathan's Colorful Crafty Wedding. This wedding has one of my all time favorite "leave a note" set-ups and super fun altar decorations, including a wooden installation that you can't see in the picture below. I'm also a fan of a bride who uses a pop of color in her look (she wore a bright yellow feathered cage veil).

Honorable Mentions:
Dana and Hunter looks like people I would want to be friends with, and I melt at their wedding photos, even though there aren't any stand-out details for me.
Melissa and Jon ran with a very bold and graphic theme in black and yellow - I especially like the altar/installation art piece, the macaroon favors, the bridesmaid's looks, and the invitation suite.
Jill and Joey had incredible flowers and a super fun backdrop at their wedding.
Maggie and Justin themed each table at their reception after a different country, and her dress is so fun.

Which is your favorite, and why? I'd love to know. 

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