Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 2014

I already touched on this in my January review, but this year so far has been a wild whirlwind! Take a gander at all that went down...

Heard: I'm so enchanted by the latest from Beck. One of my favorite NPR people described his new album as "heartbreaky", which is completely up my alley. The song "Say Goodbye" is the nicest, least nerve-grating use of banjo I've heard in a long time. Apart from Beck, I've also been loving some Brazilian music. See my picks at the bottom of the playlist, here.

Watched: Jonas and I have been cracking up over the Ricky Gervais show An Idiot Abroad, in which he sends one of his less cultured pals to tour the world and comment on the experience. It can be wildly insensitive (no surprise coming from Gervais), but oh-so-funny. // I haven't seen a SINGLE Oscar nominated film this year, but I definitely want to catch 12 Years a Slave and Her on Redbox. And maybe Monuments Men? Any excuse to see Cate Blanchett.

Tasted: I cooked lobster for Valentine's Day today, for the first time ever! I'd never eaten a lobster tail either, and it was pretty darn delicious, though I think I probably overcooked it. I also had a fabulous meal at the Marisol at the Cliffs restaurant, which I wrote about here. You absolutely must go and try their cream of mushroom soup. I also started a new Facebook page that I post recipes, photos, articles, and tips on several times a week. Follow me! I have more SUPER exciting food news in the works, but I'll probably include that in my March update (or even its own post!) when it's a bit more established.

This collection of photos of wet cats had me laughing SO hard.
Is your public transport commute boring? Doodle new heads for the other passengers.
The best birthday present anyone could receive.
Razzle Dazzle camouflage is way too awesome to be as obscure as it is! Learn all about it. (image)

Also gawking over these incredible high speed photo of sea foam by Ger Kelliher. 

And finally, this article giving Japanese tourists insights into American culture is so fascinating. I always enjoy explanations of how one culture views another, and sometimes the things people think about Americans surprise me! Sometimes I wonder how I appear to other people as an individual, too - both my persona and personality, and my actual appearance. Do you ever have moments where you see yourself in a mirror and for a moment, you just don't recognize yourself or see yourself completely differently than usual? Or people show you a photo of someone they think looks like you and you have NO idea why? I know other people must see me differently than I see myself, but I'll never know quite how. 

  • At the very beginning of the month, I went on my first overnight business trip to Ontario, CA for a Pampered Chef convention. I'd only signed up to be a PC consultant days before, so it was all brand spanking new, but the coolest thing (beside learning a ton in general) was that I happened to be the newest consultant out of hundreds there, and thereby won an entire cooking demonstrations worth of products that I didn't have before. So cool! 
  • Later in the month, I hosted my first Pampered Chef party. 
  • I finished my second class at APUS. One step closer to my degree. 
  • Jonas turned 24 on the 20th, and we celebrated with a weekend of good meals with our siblings in LA, funny games, museum and farmer's market explorations, the usual pit stop for Thai groceries, and a stop in at a Japanese dollar store
  • My sister-in-law Gina turned 28 on the 28th, and we had a fun dinner at her parents' to celebrate, at which Ishmael had a big poop explosion up his back. Happy Birthday, Gina. 
Ishmael can now make horse, sheep, dog, cat, chicken, pig(kinda), and monkey noises. He also has a general growl noise that's a favorite. He loves to dance and spin around, and enjoys being a homeless person in our living room living in his fortress of boxes with a diaper, a fedora, and a xylophone. He greets Jonas and I with great joy and enthusiasm when one of us gets home from work or gets him up from a nap. He throws both hands in the air, smiles hugely, and says, "WHO-DOO!" (we're not sure why). He is an expert goodbye sayer, and he mimicked me saying "Hi, Ma!" on the phone the other day. He also "counts" to 3 (although only we have any idea that that's what he's doing). He does a pretty good job of cleaning up his toys when asked, and we're working on listening to "come here." In baby #2 news, we found out this month that we're having another boy. :)

Loved: New opportunities in the work world! Young coconuts, gummy worms, and rain. 

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