Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reality Check

If you could be a contestant on any reality TV show, which would you pick? And if you actually got the chance, would you take it? I always wonder if I could deal with being away from my family for that long. I also wonder what kind of character they would cast me as - I'm pretty sure they edit most shows to make certain people appear a certain way. I listened to this fascinating and horrifying story on This American Life about how the interviewers on reality shows ask you questions in such a way as to make you make things up.

I admit that this is pretty much mindless trash TV, but I get sucked in to Love In The Wild. The basic premise is a bunch of singles pair up and have to do day-adventures together, then get to decide if they want to keep their partner or switch. As the show progresses couples form, and the winning couple gets an all-expenses paid trip around the world. I would probably never get cast for this show because I don't have long wavy hair and I can actually spell my own name. Plus I'm happily married. But I still like to imagine Jonas and I on this show in a situation more like The Amazing Race (we're already together, just competing against other couples). 

I've even got Jonas hooked on this show. We mostly make fun of how wimpy most of the girls are and chime in on whether certain people have honorable relationship habits or not. Back to the wimpy girls, one girl almost quit because she had to sleep in a sleeping bag under a lean-to! I want so bad for there to be a missionary kid or lady-marine to get on the show and just waltz along and actually appreciate what a sweet deal the whole set up is - gorgeous island settings (isn't this one - not from the show - beautiful?), resorts at the end of the day, tropical breakfasts. I wish the challenges were longer and harder. 

Then there are shows that actually require contestants to be talented, like The Next Iron Chef, Chopped, Face Off, and Project Runway. I like to imagine what I'd do on each of those shows, but I have a healthy respect for how difficult it would be to be constantly on-the-spot in that situation, basically being forced to come up with amazing stuff under some seriously stressful constraints. 

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