Monday, March 18, 2013

Movies: Fairytales vs. Superheroes

It's time to own up, ya'll - very few of us have escaped at least some trickle down affects of hipsterdom. Hipsters are all about what's cool and what's not, and if - heaven forbid - more than an underground few are into the same thing, a true hipster can never be seen near said thing again without howling like the Wicked Witch of the West confronted by water. But then, most hipsters seem pretty homogeneous  right (ocher-colored clothing, anyone?)? It's a vicious cycle. I am ever-so-guilty of disdaining the overly popular, but there are also some worn-out things that I unashamedly adore (LOL cats). So let me just say up front and once and for all, since I hope to make this a regular feature on the blog, my "Fresh vs. Over" series is meant to be light hearted and tongue-in-cheek. Yes, I will probably rip on some stuff that you like, but liking something that I'm tired of seeing in pop-culture doesn't make you uncool. It's just one hipster's opinion, so we'll leave at that. I hope you enjoy it and discover something new and/or get a giggle out of it all.

Without further ado, I present to you my first pairing.

Reimagined Fairytale Movies
Ok, so we have Snow White and the Huntsmen, Mirror Mirror, Once Upon A Time (TV), and the upcoming Maleficent, to name a few. I haven't seen anything so far that I thought was stellar, but I'm still on board with the concept. I'm fascinated that the original tales - that we now mainly hear the Disney version of - are actually much more suspenseful and often dark. I recently saw Oz the Great and Powerful, which although not a really old school fairytale, is based on books written 100 years ago. I liked aspects of it (especially when I accepted it as almost intentionally cheesy [??]), but what I really want to see is a movie adaptation of the Wicked books, which I think are so much better than the play.

New Versions of the Superhero Pantheon Movies (Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc.)

Talk about over done... I mean, a lot of the superhero movies are actually decent and I've enjoyed most of them (Jean Grey forever!), but I feel like it's at the point where studios are falling back on any old comic (or remake after remake of the same characters) just because it's a total cash cow. It's stopped feeling very creative or exciting when a new superhero movie is announced. I haven't seen the Amazing Spiderman, so I can't judge it as a movie, but seriously, we're going over it all again, like 5 years after the last trilogy ended? It's too soon!

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  1. oh my gosh, i am sooooo over superhero movies. i've quietly boycotted them since, oh, sometime before the iron man era.


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