Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Try This At Home: The Squishy Squisherator of Doom

Thus named is the grown-up mango-ade cocktail that Jonas and I created, because we couldn't come up with a more fitting name that was satisfactorily clever ("Squishy" is what we call Ishmael, but no babies were intoxicated in the making of this drink). It's very light and summery and fruity and not alcohol-burny; all my favorite things in a cocktail. // It irks me when recipe posts are full of personal blah-blah, so I'll just leave you with this song about a naming a cocktail, and an archive of cocktails inspired by and named after historical events.

Grown-Up Mango-Ade ("The Squishy Squisherator of Doom")



  1. Fill each glass about 2/3 full of mango lemonade. 
  2. Add one shot of mango-flavored rum per glass.
  3. "Wake up" a sprig of mint by slapping it against your palm, then drop into your drink.
  4. Stir.
  5. Finish off with a few ice cubes. 
  6. Enjoy. 

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