Friday, January 14, 2011


{images: 1. Ralph Morse, 1944, 2. & 4. via Parker Young, 3. via Snippet & Ink, 5. Jonas & I taken by my sister Annelise, 6. via Art Of Romance}
Happy(est!) two years with my baby today. Some of my favorites: The baristas at our Starbucks know our "couple drink" and ask where you/I are if one of us is using the restroom. / We read the same books at the same time. The same copy. / Your black t-shirt with the slight v-neck. It knocks me out every time you wear it. / We had the same favorite movies growing up (Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, Mighty Joe Young, etc.). / You helped me pick out the best red lipstick, even though you can't very well kiss me when I wear it. / Everyone who knows you says you're their favorite. / Our art is very different, but you still inspire me. / We sing like banshees in the car together and watch other people laugh behind glass. / The other day you searched this blog for how many times I'd used your name. It was a lot. You smiled at me. / You buy me a different kind of flower almost every time you bring them, which is often and often non-occasion oriented. / I bet you've told me you loved me 1000s of times in the last 2 years. Mostly every day. Multiple times. / You make me feel like this song and this picture (via julia). I love you more each day. 

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