Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Leaf

Hi to everyone! As you will probably notice if you're reading this on my blog (as opposed to the filter through facebook), I've been doing a little remodeling. I've taken away the music player because it annoys me when I go to other people's blogs and their [sometimes poorly-tasted] music plays automatically, plus I don't remember to update it regularly enough for my satisfaction. One of these days I may figure out a good way in embed songs in posts, but that's a project for a very rainy day indeed. All the new fonts are from here (man, I love the linking text feature) and I designed the J&K sticker/logo. I can't promise that I will posting more frequently in the coming several months, as school starts back on Tuesday (my 6th and final semester at this school!) and I'm going back to the much dreaded 9 hour shifts at work. However, the purpose behind my minor re-design is to facilitate showing off my very talented boyfriend's art, as well as possibly my own later on. I'm adding a new post tag called "Jonas" so you will be able to see all the posts containing his artwork grouped together when you click on the link under categories on the right-hand bar of the blog. I hope that you enjoy what you see and feel free to comment or inquire about it. I'm hoping that showing our work more will be a first step in careers as artists. Aka.... ;) {image via ffffound}

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