Sunday, December 12, 2010

Super Nova

Exploding with things to share, pictures to comb through and upload, things to do, things to remember, people to have a good time with, Holiday enjoyments, finals, music, art. I have a long list of things to blog, but for lack of time, I'm afraid most of it will end up just in list format. I have oodles of spiffy winter-themed photos to share and themed posts up my sleeve, but I'm just about to hit a break in school and move to a nicer work schedule anddd go on vacation, so I think I'll hold off until next time. Sniffle. 
Merryness in the Air:

  • - old youth leader Joe engaged! And my friends Shawn and Kenna are expecting baby #2. Hooray!
  • - this incredible Ballerina Project.

  • - free Christmas tunes with joyous art cover (haven't given it a spin yet - sorry if it's lame). 
  • - most recently planning to major in fibers at SCAD. <3 Only one semester left at AHC! [my friend Hailey is working on her Event Planning certification, which happens to be available at CSU Fullerton - which I was accepted to, btw :) - so maybe I will be looking into that later on down the road too!] 
  • - one week 'til I'm roadtripping to Oregon with Jonas and the fam. That car is going to be snuggly, to put it gently. 
  • - I love my church (and proud to call it my church - new and wondrous to me!). Jonas and I have signed up for a financial planning class there and I recently signed up to help decorate the church as well, as it is done expertly several times a year. Exciting! Very much enjoyed lunch with new and newer friends this afternoon (yummy Thai food at a local fave spot and then we all joined in a tradition and added a one dollar bill to the restaurant wallpaper).  Being young and in love in 2010 is GREAT. Speaking of which, Tuesday marks 23 months for Jonas and I. Fond memories behind us, exciting ones ahead of us. XO
  • - thank you Jesus that I'm just about done with my cold! I hope this means I won't be repeating my tradition of being sick ON Christmas. I did have an awesome deep voice for a day though... 
  • - totally infatuated with Biet Simkin of World War. Tragic and lovely. Get signed already so I can buy your music! 

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