Sunday, October 17, 2010

You're So Nice

Today I lost my keys. 
And made a bunt cake stuffed with chocolate chips and cherries.
I took a test.
I watched some adolescent rats in a glass box.
I assisted in plotting the creation of a masterpiece. 
Raindrops fell on me. 
I bought my sister a birthday gift. 
I wore ice blue and pearls. 
I found my keys in my purse lining. 
Other stuff.
[photo via loveyourchaos tunblr]

Think on this: If we no longer evangelize on street corners or with tracts because we will be received only as pushy haters (true enough), then we must live by example and garner the astonished admiration of non-believers which will lead to their questioning "what's different about you?". Right? 
Has that ever happened to you? I consider myself a socially agreeable person.  I act normal and occasionally mention that I like my church if it comes up naturally, to which no one has excitedly responded in asking whether they can get involved as well.  I wonder if I am a slacking evangelist or if the "be nice" approach is not affective.  Many non-believers are very nice indeed.  Often much more generous than I am. What do we do that separates us from kind-hearted agnostics? I really don't know. Do you?

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  1. Karissa, I am one of those "nice" ones that finds it hard to evangelize... why is this? I don't know. I think I like people "liking" me too much... way too much! What does it look like to garnish the admiration of non-believers while at the same time not caring too much about what they think and therefore just being nice... hmmm... Fun to find your blog.
    ~Steph Stewart


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