Saturday, October 23, 2010

Virtual Show Stopper

I have a pet rabbit! Her name is Duct Tape. Pictures to come on FB. :)
I was just updating my blog colors for winter (way to encourage depression with the somber blues and greys...) and scrolled down to a few posts ago where I had compiled some of my favorite sketchbook examples. I was just working on my sketchbook a few minutes ago and I am increasingly dejected about it. I want it to be amazing, especially since I payed for it (and a pretty penny too!) but I've probably ripped out more pages than there are pages that I really like at this point. >.< I've been thinking hard about which schools to apply to and whether to consider SCAD, my love, even though it's horrendously expensive and doesn't have my major. The application fee alone for Fullerton (choice two - has the major, but don't really want to live there) is $55 and I am so dreading the entire process of scholarships and loans which I have had no luck with thus far.  But I really need to decide if I'm going to continue my education any time soon. Frustrations galore.
My grandma is here visiting from Texas and my whole family was helping today to get my brother Brad ready for homecoming. I was enrolled in distance learning for all of high school, so I never attended a dance. But I have a heck of a lot of virtual ball gowns to go with my virtual learning experience. A pant suit is another option -  whenever it comes to dressing up, I find myself entertaining a fantasy of wearing pants when everyone else wears a dress. [specimens from the Marchesa Spring 2011 show and an editorial via FGR] Many of my favorites as I was looking through my collection were by McQueen (may he RIP) so I'm hoping to do an entire post on him later. 

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