Saturday, October 16, 2010

There's A Light Up Ahead...

...[even when you can't see it]
So, my affair with Tumblr has proved less than entirely engaging, and I miss my blog. I don't promise consistency, but I am thinking that I might switch my focus in writing here back to more of a real journal than all pictures and no thoughts.  Plus sharing inspiration that builds up in my archives and does nothing when I don't share it. //// 2 nights ago Jonas and I headed over for an excellent dinner with our friends Bri, Greg & Nicole in another installment of our evolving "dinner club" tradition. Jonas and I always laugh at how stereotypical we're turning out to be - playing scrabble-esque games with young couples and cooking dinner together - but as it turns out, I guess people do this stuff for good reason! We lost track of literally hours as we all talked about the planet we live on and where we think it might be going and whether we have a hand in it. I'm so happy to be in college and have friends who are truly good company. //// Last night, Jonas and I went and saw the Social Network (which I recommend).  Coupled with our dinner club conversation, the admirable parts about the idea of Facebook and what our peers can do with a computer and an idea have me  proud to live in this time even when the world seems to shrink by the day and its horrors are ever more apparent. I feel as if the internet is a tool that enhances creativity. Take for instance, this video. 

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