Sunday, July 25, 2010

Recipe of the Week 071610 & 072310

Well, I've decided to pair down the food posts since even I am bored by all those details (not to mention the ridiculous name). Instead of the depth I was going in to before, I'll just post links to the things I made and pick my favorite one to share a few things about. Maybe a tiny amount of other notes too, not very many, I promise. Here goes:

071610 - Mango Lemonade (a bit too much sugar - labor intensive), Caesar Salad with Grilled Lemon Pepper Shrimp & Pepper Jack Zucchini Muffins (total fail - do not make). The salad was the best of the week - the chinese exchange student took seconds of shrimp and my mom wants a hard copy of the Caesar dressing.
072310 - Edamame Beans (my own recipe: simply dump a few bags, with or without their pods, of beans from Trader Joe's into a pan with butter, soy sauce and garlic in whichever ratios you prefer) & Thai Red Curry (the recipe was on the curry jar). I would have to say the beans won - they never fail to please. I accidentally made the curry extremely spicy!
I also made 45+ jars of jam with Mrs. Tucker. Loads of work, but great to know how to do. Here is a picture I took of the strawberry-blueberry jars.

And last but not least, my top 3 ways to spice up vanilla ice cream this summer:
1. Stir in chunks of freshly made chocolate chip cookie dough.
2. Add a dallop of some of that summer berry jam I know you have stashed away. 
3. (my fave!) Pour some Hansen's soda (preferably Raspberry) over it for the best kind of float!

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