Saturday, May 15, 2010

Home Is Where You Make It

Slacker blogger, am I! Getting nearer to finals and have been gone/busy the last few weekends though, so those are my excuses. I'm making plans to spice this ol' blog up over the summer. We'll see if that really happens... // Biggest news, I am no longer moving to LA this year. Sad, but wise, is my take on it. Jonas is staying too and we are going to do more school here and live at our respective homes to save money. // I got a raise at work! Yippee! I also got a cash-coupon from a friend at work for helping her with a project (she is so nice to me! Thank you Jesus!) and treated myself to new perfume. Quiteee the splurge, but I've had my eye on that Juicy Couture for ages! // Now that I'm not moving, maybe I'll restyle my room. Maybe I'll get a rabbit. Maybe I'll pierce my lip. Maybe I'll take some cooking classes and I think I will take an interior design class. I'm looking forward to that. // I've been swooning over this certain shade of green - like sea foam or pale jade. I made a wedding inspiration board based on it - check it out! Do you like it? // Just now, I was chatting/web-caming with Jonas and a possum came to steal the cat food on his porch again! He put the computer so I could watch too and I got this great screenshot (with my hair in curlers, lol). He is the bestest boyfriend/friend ever and I love him.
Have a great week, friends! I'll try and post more regularly and with more pictures once school has let out!

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