Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Good Friends, Should & Probably.

Things I should do this week:
Get my blood tested & not pass out.

Drop off my immunization records at the doctor's.
Go to career counseling and find the perfect major.
Take the paper labels off my glass bottles.
Other stuff that I'm repressing from consciousness.
Sort through more of my stuff to throw out or pack.
Get a debit card. Finally.
Register to vote.
Paint & fix a lot of furniture.
(I'm leaving out the list of "shoulds" that I actually did do this week because it's boring once you've done it. Probably because you were supposed to do it. But just so you know I do do important stuff sometimes.)
Ask to be transfered to an awesome project at work.
Things I most likely will do this week:
Decide whether the latest issue of Vogue is of the purchasing order. If so, purchase it.
Make this amazing sounding salad. Possibly make a picnic of it. (Decided. It's a date.)
Wear my new pink boots.
Feel bad that no one is commenting on my excellent wedding inspiration board on SMP.
Blog some more and tell you whether I did any of the "important" things.
Lots of other stuff so that I don't have to do the stuff from the first list.
Feel cool for not being a Republican.
Go take some more ice cream out of Jonas's freezer and eat it in various ways.
Wish Russia would sort out its IP addresses so I could buy some more music and be less bored at work.
Ask to be transfered to an awesome project at work.
Some stuff in a bulleted list (fancy):
  • My friend Ashley from olden days in Beijing is getting married at the end of May :D - Hooray for love! Pretty much a lot of people I know are getting married.
  • I really like my spiffy new "if you like this post, check this one out too!" thingy at the bottom of each post, except for the the fact that it seems to suggest the SAME 10 OUT OF 160+. -.-
  • I like hanging out with my boyfriend and the band between services at church. I also like good sermons and talking about them with Jonas afterward.
This cute girl was shot (photographed) by "the Satorialist", who is, I might add, a genius. I kinda feel giddy in love like this picture. My baby broke his toe on the curb walking me to my door. He said I can go to the doctor with him if he goes. I really love him.
"You're not my dream girl. You're not my reality girl. You're my dreams come true, girl."

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