Sunday, May 30, 2010

[Kinda] 1 Year Bloggiversary!

Summer is finally here! Huzzah! So far I have bought some clothes, created a new wedding inspiration board, read a few chapters in American Gods, gone to a birthday party, gone to a Harley Davidson rally (no kidding!) and probably other stuff. Tomorrow I'm off to the beach. Not really looking forward to working more, but sure looking forward to schooling less! And work isn't all bad, by any means. :) Glad to have a job, as always. Guess what? I've now been on blogger for a year. :) The posts go farther back than that, but that's because I transfered them over from my xanga blog. I'm going to try and figure out how to categorize my posts and then add links on the right-side panel so you can skip around just to the posts that contain content of interest to you. You like? // The other cool thing is this new project I've started on flickr; the [in?]famous 365 project - a picture a day for a year. I am having doubts about my ability to pull it off, but I'd be happy for you to check out my first 5 photos and pleased if you so desire to keep up with me as I snap away. ^^ // Here's to make up for my recent (pro-longed) lack of posting, especially picture posting; a series of happily colored photos. [Photo credits: 1. Springcart, 2. "js" (?), 3. via Quite Cheeky, 4. NotToday Etsy, 5. by Diem Chau via Mitchell&Dent, 6. Martha Stewart, 7. via The Silent Gun, 8. Hollis Brown Thornton] Happy beginning of summer, and thanks for reading/looking!

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