Friday, April 16, 2010

Yeux Bizarres

Many woes in the news this week: the Polish plane crash & China earthquake. I tend to think it isn't necessarily (can't spell that, as Jonas will chucklingly tell you) the end of the world since that seems to be a possibility every year and people have been thinking it for about forever. Who knows? Not life threatening per se, but destructive in a sense, was the Icelandic volcanoe. Check out this incredible photo via BigPicture.
This week, Jonas's 10 year old cousin came to live with them for a while, so I got to meet him. He wants to be an Obstetrician. You go, kid. // I'm swamped in midterms. Stats is getting nothing but harder and I hit the point of writing a bad review on ratemyprof for my Psych teacher. -.- // Annelise (and I, kind of) also finally took on the project of cutting Jonas's hair. He wanted a special punk partial mohawk sort of thing which I was just sure would be a disaster, but Annelise (detail oriented sister) did a great job (I held mirrors, wiped away extra hairs and trimmed around the ears) and Jonas is pleased! Hoorah! I somehow didn't shake the hair out of the sheet under the chair in which his hair was cut though because my mum's been cleaning it out of the laundry all day. :/ Oops. // Today, I did the borings - get enough gas to get to the bank, get some money from the bank, buy more gas - and then picked up Jonas. We headed to the Antique Mall where we spent a long time looking at treasures such as elephant salt shakers, decorated toffee tins from England, 1950's Barbie clothes, field mice cuff links, train conductor hats and intricate, vintage china dolls. We've been wondering what we'd do with the money if either of us won the lottery and I decided I would go there after the bills were paid. *sighhhhhh. Next, we ate lunch at his house and then frolicked off to the playground and went spelunking in storm drain tunnels. We finished things up with Thrifty's coconut pineapple ice cream, in the cup recently designated as mine at the Tucker home, before Jonas had to go to work. It's small, pink, scratched and metallic. I like. It was a good day. //My dad and I are going to start going to Starbucks (or the like) once a week to work out the logistics of me moving and living on my own. It will be good! :) Some dads wear christian tshirts, some dads wear "funny" tshirts, but my dad wears surf tshirts. Booya. // I have a new blog name! Weird Eyes/Yeux Bizarres (peach sundress font via is from a quote of Kurt Cobain's, "I like girls with weird eyes..." I don't have weird eyes and I don't care what Mr. Cobain liked, but the line struck me. // I've been barely peeking at some posts on this blog from a year or two ago. I love to rediscover things I love. I stopped journaling long ago (for better or worse) but I'm glad to have this record of things that have inspired me. While on the subject of nostalgia, I've gotten back to compiling FB photo albums of old photos. I've gathered '06 and some of '07 and as soon as FB stops being a poop to me, they'll be up. :) // I'll leave you with these two goodies, sure to make you laugh. ^^

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