Monday, April 5, 2010

Just My Cup of Tea

Cute and cuter! Which is your favorite? (via I'm just dying over the rabbit with the balloon.

Check it - me at about 10! Apparently, I'd already gotten a hold of some Vogue magazines seeing that every single pose here is pompous. Annelise looks so cute, even though she hated that hair cut. That little cafe is a real gem in my memory. They had a room in the back full of fur wraps, hats, heels & costume jewelery to dress up in while enjoying tea around the lovely tables. My grandma (Mana) took me and my sister with a friend of hers (pictured) near her house in Wimberly, Texas (near Austin). I don't think this tea house is there anymore, but I have long kept it tucked away in my heart as inspiration for things to come later in my life. I would love to run a small cafe/boutique someday. Who ever thought of walk-in dress-up was a genius. That would make a fabulous bridal shower, just as it was a memorable Grandma-date 10 years ago. Incidentally, I have no recollection of the food (only that it was a shame tea didn't taste as good as the the names on the packets sounded).

And to top things off, loving these bags by

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