Saturday, March 6, 2010

George on the Audubon

Some of my favorite things: Basil - I went grocery shopping late at night last night with Jonas and Jordan. I love that my friends are as excited about Asian foods as I am. We have a good time laughing at some of the more irregular vegetables and hiding in the spaces left by missing crates and flats and poking packaged cow tongue. I bought some basil and parsley seeds that I will soon pot and add to my ever growing window garden. My ranunculus have bloomed - they're gorgeous (pictures on my new flickr which I'll get to in a sec). Check out these cute 4 leaf clover basil cut outs. // Race cars - The road between my house and work is level, smooth and mostly straight, save for 2 gentle turns. Perfect for sliding down in the seat, adjusting my goggles, revving my engine and pretending I'm racing on the Audubon. Use caution when trying this at home. Also, moneys driving cars. I took this picture and now it is on my brand new flickr!

Hope you enjoy the photos there. :) // Artists - Duh. Love love love this photo essay on making chalk pastels (note multiple pages). Who would have guessed? I get giddy at the sight of creating all that color. & Jonas's sister in law Danielle created this incredible "flesh ABC." Z, which looks to me like a kiss, is my favorite. I like B as well. Jonas has been making drawings for me in our Sociology class which I take to work and smile at. I love him! // My brother Jon is in Washington D.C. with his school. Jealous! My aunt Cathy went with him and her cute, cute dog Rainey is staying with us! :) // I know I have been writing more and posting fewer pictures. More to come, I plan!

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