Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Week In a *Long* Paragraph

I love when I discover a song in my iTunes library that I've never heard before and suddenly love. Cloud Nine by Ben Howard is the latest. Happy in my own skin on the ninth cloud. // Fun parties around here for Brad's birthday. We ordered out from our favorite *real* Chinese restaurant, but half an hour before the food came Bradley suddenly became really sick. :( Hopefully it will subside soon, poor guy. // I spent the day lying low at my Grandparent's house with my dad and aunt as well as it has been pouring torrential rains on and off. We watched some taped figure skating (hooray for the first medal for Korea, not to mention for the highest score of all time. And our hearts went out to the Canadian who's mum died 2 days before her performance in a freak heart attack) while keeping an eye on the Chilean earthquake and Hawaiian tsunami news. We ran to the thrift store real quick where I bought my first ever pencil skirt as well as a silk floral number with some potential. Then back to the the house for some food network shows that had everyone hooked. // Foodgawker has a new sister, Weddinggawker. So far, so brilliant. //You know what else is brilliant? House. Watching reruns now, waiting for Danielle & Annelise to come around. Love this show. // On Wednesday, I left my wallet at In-N-Out which I only discovered hours later when I was looking for it so I could drive to pick up Annelise from school. I was trying not to be completely freaked out as I as un-frantically as possible called Jonas who offered to call INO who had found and kept my wallet. PHEW. I needed to find an identifying paper that my mom could show INO peeps to retrieve my wallet so I was turning my room upside down for my old paper driving permit I opened all the drawers in my desk... wait, ALL the drawers? Um, yes. Ever since I bought this vintage 40s desk, the middle drawer hasn't opened. I've tried many times, Jonas tried, my dad tried - no one could open it, but suddenly it slid open. Sadly, no bundle of cash inside. But still, coolio. // On Thursday, I tried to make a Chinese cold noodle dish which failed miserably and then I watched District 9 with Jonas and Annelise. Less predictable than I thought; set up for a sequal much? The first (only?) non-laughable alien movie that I've seen. // Now, hm... for a picture for you or some visual stimuli... aha. Nvm. Another time!

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  1. Rissa, I miss talking to you! Love you girl :)
    and side note:
    thrift stores are amazing :D


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