Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Drop in the Ocean

Has it ever struck you that banana are the perfect shape for a phone? Well, they are. // I now have twitter. Find me here. :) //I may have found a room mate! It will be lots of fun if it works out. // What is your earliest memory? Mine involves eating broccoli in a restaurant that was at a fork in the road. // I have an overwhelming amount of things to blog about and not very many chances to blog. // I went with Jonas to Farmer's Market in SLO on thursday and we shared a mushroom pizza at CPK (they no longer have the mango chicken one that was my favorite!). One of the best parts was being good dinner guests. We smiled and thank-you-ed and left a tip with a note of appreciation. Then we went back to the market, only to discover that the exorbitantly priced yet delicious cheesecake caramel apples were sold out. Bum dizzly. // Do your teachers have funny speaking habits? My Columbian sociology teacher ends a lot of sentences with "...and stuff like that." My Arabian psychology teacher ends each topic with "any questions on that?" My statistics teacher with a major outty belly button talks in fill-in-the-blanks: "If you take 3 out there will be - what, - 4 left?" On the second day of class, I counted more than 68 fill-in-the blanks statements/questions in an hour and 5 minutes. // Here is a really cool video that I hope you enjoy. :)

Yours Truly Presents: The Morning Benders "Excuses" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

When I fancy myself a blogger prestigous enough to be interviewed, I go about rewriting interviews from truly prestigious bloggers. The template here was from the Bedlam of Beefy interviewing Ruby Press. What is your least favorite smell?
LOVE it! ::
Film... Stranger Than Fiction.
Book... Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.
Food... There are quite a few recipes involving pesto in my favorites. Eating out, I'd have to go with Byron's special seaweed salad and Nacho sushi roll at Ichiban's. Candy: salty licorice.
Album... as far as being good as a full album, Keane's Under the Iron Sea. Phew, I just realized this is titled "love it!" not "favorites," which makes me feel much more at ease.
Day... Any day that I get to spend with Jonas! :D :D
Clothes... recently, I've been snuggling in my oversized red cardigan with kitty buttons!
Band... this week, Ben Howard.
Blogs... may I direct you to the list on the right side of the page. :)
Place... the secret forest wonderland behind Pioneer park which was RECENTLY BULLDOZED! Ow, my life. I feel a life-long scar developing.
Smell... Jonas's Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. wow.
HATE it! ::
Film... The Game.
Book... most Christian self-help books :/
Food... eggs.
Album... huh, well, I can't say since I probably couldn't bare to listen to it all the way through.
Day... the dreaded goodbye day before leaving somewhere where a loved one can not follow.
Clothes... empire waisted peasant tops with oversized patterns. not that I keep track.
Band... hate is a strong word, but R.E.M. comes to mind.
Place... the dentist's.
Smell... baby wipes. Disgusting to the max.
It’s all in the details… ::
The best sandwich is made with… basil, cream cheese, roasted jalepeno and bacon on a toasted savory bagel, perhaps?
The place I feel safest… lost in the arms and eyes and smile of my baby, possibly over coffee and with a downpour of rain outside. Super delicious feeling.
I love the sound of… bass in the floor when you turn the speakers way up.
A singer I unexpectedly like is… I'm not sure there is such a thing for me.
The first poster on my bedroom wall was…mm, I had poster collages from the start, and they were always evolving.
The vice that I am glad I got rid of…biting my nails to the point of bloodiness.
The one that still has a hold on me…blogging rather than studying? *sheepish. Not sure I'm really trying to get over that one though.
I am most embarrassed by…smelling bad ranks pretty high up there for me.
As a child I wanted to be…a doctor or a forensic scientist.
The first time I got drunk was…I've never had more than a milileter of alcohol.
I really don’t like… being encouraged to think negative thoughts!
The best way to cook a potato is…off the top of my head, I'm partial to scalloped.
At night I worry about…worrying too much.
The first thing I do in the morning is…check the clock to see if I have time to fall back asleep.
Plane, train, or automobile…planes :) get to international destinations faster!

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