Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's Brewing

Last night I went with Jonas and the Tuesday night crew to the Downtown Brewery in SLO to see Briertone. Jonas and I ended up liking The Honey Trees, a band that opened for them, much better. I bought their EP, Wake The Earth and discovered upon looking them up just now that they are much more popular than I thought (listen to their cover of Edelweiss here)! Becky, the lead singer, is also an artist and illustrated the band Lydia's album "Illuminate." The Honey Trees sound a bit too close to Eisley for my taste on the EP, but it was still fun to go to a concert and buy a real CD (!) - haven't done either of those things in years. I got a few good shots during the evening; I am considering starting a flikr account for my ever growing collection? Perhaps most exciting of all though, was a poster for Copeland's farewell (?! :( ) tour - they will be playing the same venue on March 28. I am so there! // Here is a nice photo of Becky from her personal myspace.
Happy 16th to my brother Bradley!!! (tomorrow). Love you, Chi. // Going down to TO this weekend for Bradley's birthday. I'm looking forward to seeing Danielle & thrift shopping at my favorite little shop. Maybe I'll squeeze in a meal at the authentic Chinese restaurant too! Yum. // My Psych class got canceled today (YUSSSS! This never happens to me. The class is interesting and all, but super long and as I said, my classes never get canceled) so Jonas and I did math homework in his car in the rain and listened to DCFC. // I really, really wish I could make a lot of delicious exotic foods and not worry about school and work and "stuff like that". // Ok, bye now. :)

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