Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soy Sauce vs. Mollasos

Happy Sunday to you, Love, me. // I bought a huge red men's cardigan and then some CUTE kitten buttons to sew on & my hair is finally long enough to hold curlers. I am going to look the cat's pajamas tomorrow. ;) // Jonas and I have decided we want to cook more, so we plan to make lunch for our families each Sunday, alternating between our respective houses every other Sunday. So far, all the foods on our menue are Asian. ^^ Also, Jonas has agreed to play the keyboard for the church we've been going to, at least for the next two weeks as a try-out period. I am proud of him! He is just smashing at all things musical (pretty much all things creative in general :D) // Last night, I went with 3 of my siblings to Jonas's for his birthday dinner (Indian chicken curry) with our friend Chris, as well. He had peanut butter fudge for his "cake" and opened some fun presents. For most of the rest of the evening, we watched the first disk of Samurai7. I'm really happy to have American friends who appreciate Asian cultures. // Statistics is finally getting to be a drag without a proper calculator and my renewed Wired subscription finally kicked in. Yata! // Today at church, Aaron spoke on slowing down in our lives in order to give more time to God. Fits perfectly with this list I found via Stars Will Rise Again. Which sound good to you? Any silly ones? "Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day" is hard for me (and is that really bad?). I like the "Do brand new things" one though. "Take stock of your achievments" is also a good reminder for me, but "always have a plan B?" - not a nessecity imo. // Have a great week. :)

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