Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Birthday Zebra & Hippie Living

Today Jonas turns TWENTY! Happy Birthday, my love! //I don't blog a lot about our relationship because I do not wish to share the most precious things with any and everyone so you may not hear a lot about him or us and what we laugh about and what we love and the places we are going to see and the things we'll spend our lives adventuring, but he is always the one to hold my hand in times of both trouble and triumph. When there is joy in your life, you see the beauty in each nook and cranny and those diamonds in the rough is what this blog is for. // Babe, you are the best thing. Sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock and sweet you roll. [I will try and get a nice new picture of him soon].我爱你, je t'aime. // Here is a drawing I did on a package for him. :D
I am in the market for a room to live in in the Fullerton (Orange County, CA) area, hopefully around June 1st. Know anyone who wants to share? Wanna join me? // If I had a million bucks (or maybe just a hatchet) I would build or buy one or some of the following. {1. Elding Oscarson, 2. - 4. Emerson Merrick, 5. - 6. For Stars Will Rise Again, 7. The Dream Walking Society}

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