Monday, February 15, 2010

Everybody's Trying to be My Baby

I just toasted and buttered a croissant - I always forget how delicious those are. // Happy Belated Valentine's Day & Chu Yi (first day of Chinese New Year)! Here's a retro song for you (how absolutely crazed are those fans?!). My baby turns 20 in a week and everyone should wish they were "baby" to someone like him. xo. [FB, click to view]

My favorite shot from Urban Outfitter's lovers photo contest. Reminds me of a day in the life of Hannah & Landon - I'm hooked. I'm absolutely convinced I should have been at Woodstock. 30 some years too late, dang it.

I am going back to work on Tuesday. :) Hooray for being employed! I've also been "busy" running a nation, thanks to Jonas's reawakened political-nerd obsession from high school. ;) If that sounds fun, check it out or visit my nation. // I've also been exploring Pandora Radio. The Elliott Smith station probably gets the most attention from me. Diana Krall & A.R. Rahman are also good. // Thanks for reading. :)

1 comment:

  1. That pic is like, inspiration for life man...
    and omg, Woodstock! the who! LSD!


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