Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Phantom Planet

I can't remember how I found this video, but I like it. The jungle country feel (I can almost smell it!) and the background noises and the song and his playing and voice and the fact that something like this is on youtube. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it too. :) (If you're reading on FB, click here to see the video).

In to week 2 of school. 3 of 4 teachers are good and 2 of 4 are fun. I dropped Biology, my biggest & hardest class which was a relief and may be back to work soon. We'll see about that. Making new friends in classes and waving to old ones. :) Trees are blooming on campus and parking is getting tighter and tighter. I have been taking more pictures than usual. Since I'm there by about 7:50 every morning, I have no trouble finding a spot. I mostly park in the same spot all the time by this giant tree and I've been taking a picture of it every morning. It may turn into a project. I ate 7 tacos that Rocky brought for free-food-Tuesday and Jonas is making cool things in ceramics. // I think that's all I have for today. :) It's raining hard, on and off here. I like it.

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