Friday, November 27, 2009


How was your Thanksgiving? Is it possible that I could still be hungry after the classic glutton holiday? I didn't end up eating that much to be honest and I'm in a ravenous stage of growth (?). There are several things that I will remember from this weekend. On thursday night, I was leaving with Jonas and Jordan to have pie at their house and this boy was standing outside my aunt's house who asked us to drive him over to the juvenile hall. We did and he told us a bit of his story on the way. It made me sad that I couldn't take care of him more, somehow, but I'm glad I was a part of that experience because I saw very vividly that there are people in need here. It was especially poignant that it was Thanksgiving and he had no family or friends to celebrate with. I will remember him for a long time. I don't remember what his name was. // Later, after I saw Jonas laugh on his kitchen floor so hard that the coins fell out of his pocket, he and I slithered around on his dining room floor in the dark (so as not to scare the object of our fascination) to watch the opossum who comes to steal cat food out of the bowls on the back porch. It is a good memory. // Today, my aunt Jan and cousin Eric who I haven't seen in a long time came down from Monteray to hang out, so my dad's parents and all their 5 kids were in one house. Jonas came over after work too and we all played Balderdash. That game brings out some big laughs in people & Julia happens to be excellent at it. Later, Jonas and my brothers and I went to Starbucks which is always nice and cozy. People in my neighborhood have started to decorate their houses. Isn't it strange when you think that 1/12 of the year is dedicated to just Christmas? I love Christmastime, but it's so hard to visualize in California and sometimes people get stressed rather than enjoy themselves this time of year. At least it's something that everyone can be a part of (the holidays, not the stress). I wonder what it would be like if it was really dedicated to the remembrance of the birth of Christ. I'm not wailing about "keeping Christ in Christmas" and all that, I just sometimes feel like the celebration this time of year is empty in a way. Probably because I rarely remember Christ with all the shopping and baking and what not. It's just a tradition that parents have to keep up because kids are excited about it. Not exclusively, but it makes me ponder these things, you know? All that being said, I do love this time of year. Especially when it snows. // I think Jonas and I are going to paint a winter scene on his sister's windows which I'm looking forward to and I may drive down to Ventura soon to help my Grandma decorate her house. :) I imagine my family will start breaking out the Christmas paraphernalia tomorrow too. That and some Lost, of course. I love the way Christmas smells. It's impossible to escape that. I'm about to love Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong album all over again too. Good choice for those of you who may not like Christmas music. // I applied for a job at a clothing store called Avenue last week. I hope that comes through. That will make 7 weeks (!!!) off school much more bearable. Also, I feel like my room needs a make over (something to do, not a reason to get a job). // I guess I am feeling chatty tonight! Hope you're all having a restful weekend with friends and family, enjoying the little things (photo via the Dreamwalking Society - reminds me of a sweet little girl, Adah, that I miss!).

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