Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'll give you pictures first this time so that I don't scare you away with my monologues. ;)
An editorial I love, photographed by Michael Thompson. Especially the studded jacket & striped blouse, yes?

{written about 5 days ago - I have been to busy to finish it up & post} I realized that a few posts back I thanked "Erin of Erin Ever After" for following this blog, but really, it was Annie from Marry You Me. My apologies! Annie makes incredible mood boards. You should have a peek. :) // My family decided to spend Christmas in San Francisco! !! More on that later, I'm sure. // My hair has started to grow out. It looks like a pumpkin pie that was left in the over a little too long, or chocolate dipped orange peel. I'm loving the two-tone. // Speaking of holiday candies, check out these incredible gingerbread houses. These ones are also jaw dropping. // I'm really hoping I get a call back from Avenue this week so that maybe I can work there over the holidays. Otherwise, I'll probably try and go back to Hardy for the break. // I just took a shower, drank a tall glass of water and ate a crisp green apple. Lasagna from scratch for dinner. Good things. Haha, I learned yesterday that Jonas doesn't like enchiladas which is what I have for my birthday most of the time (white sauce). :j I'm pondering what to make for the opening of the art show that my altered book is going to be in on Wednesday & thinking of a cold Chinese noodle dish that I've been wanting to make... my December calender is already filled on almost every day and it's not even December yet. Not all with food, don't worry. // I've got to get back to writing up an interview I had with a fascinating elderly man from my art class - philosophy project (thank goodness that class is almost over!). I'm hoping to make it into a story later. We'll see what time & inspiration allow me.
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