Saturday, November 21, 2009


12:59 am
I wish I had a city to love & that miss Daul had not hung herself.

12:32 PM
I started buying Christmas gifts yesterday. ^^ Last year, I think I still had gifts to buy on Christmas Eve and I don't so much wish to repeat that... // Less than a month until finals week. Hard to believe. So guess what? The book I made for my mixed media book altering assignment is going to be in a public gallery. Isn't that fun? I wasn't thinking to enter it, but Mr. Hood handed me a form and said I should, so I did! I've never had my work in an official show before. I don't have pictures of it yet because I finished it in class the day it was due, but I'm pretty happy with it. Today I'm starting on my next project for that class which is a tribute to Christian Dior as a response to a photo in the gallery currently featured at AHC. I hope it turns out! I'm doing some homework on how to do model sketches because I never have been any good at that. If my idea pans out, it's gonna be pretty hot. // I've been to Starbucks two evenings in a row now. There is this gentleman who comes in (every night?) to work on his computer, but he happens to be an excellent magician too! Two nights ago he did a whole bunch of card tricks for Jonas and I. I was totally baffled. He let me keep the card from my favorite trick in which he somehow put his name on the back of a card which I had already written my name on and SAW go into a box with only my name on it. Trippy to da max. // Old School vs. New Wave. Check out these commercials. Both funny but obviously from different decades.

I've also been enjoying the Temper Trap, thanks to Parker's blog.

Laterz. :) [link to blog]

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