Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Oh Elliott Smith, why did you die? Thank goodness Michalis Hatzigiannis is still around...// A tumble weed rolled across the road in front of me while I was driving today. No kidding. // I think that the December issue of Vogue is supposed to have Cate Blanchette on the cover. Please yes. My December issue of Wired is taking forever to get here it feels like. // I have relatives coming out from NYC for Thanksgiving - I am excited to see them. And looking forward to all of the great food our family conjures up this time of year... // Wow, the end of the school year is remarkably near. Hm. Amazing what happens in a year and how fast (& slow) it can feel at different times. // I have been accumulating interior-design related images for a while and I've decided to post them today. :) First, a rustic vibe. I love curtain-walls and these ones by Ann Wood are like pirate sails. ^^ (For a richer version, how about these fantastic curtains from World Market? I wish I had nabbed them when they were on sale. Now I will have to make my own...)

Don't you think the look would be complimented by some apple crates stacked against the wall? I think recycled storage is the best. I definitely hope to get a hold of some crates for my next lair. (photo from Apartment Therapy)

Here's cozy & less stark. I definitely like the idea of very few walls, like a loft. But! Several sort of rooms up in corners of the main room and such (via Bedlam of Beefy).

Now for some color. Black interiors, arch ways, stand-alone bathtubs & platform beds. Yes, please! (1. Beautiful Paper 2. Decor8?)

Here's a fabulous partition. I love apartments. (Lake Jane)

Unconventional appliances & colors are my friends (via Bedlam of Beefy). Also, that robin's egg sort of color with black and a dash of yellow? Very classy. I think the high ceilings are a bit cold after a while though (via Erin Ever After). However, I am a fan of big windows and skinny little rooms.

Murals are also a design to die for. I love that massive flower (via Bedlam of Beefy... his writing is still on it :P). The tree one is a photo by Tim Walker who has the scariest sounding copyright warnings, so I would just like to say that I did not get that photo off his website.

And lastly (definitely least for that horrific chair), amazing glass mosaic walls that look like shattered mirrors. Ah, I love decorating. ^^

Thanks for reading everyone (& for letting me know! :D). I happened upon some decent Chinese pop a few nights back if you feel like taking a listen on the player to the right. :) [Link to blog]


  1. woohoo! i think i can comment now ^^ took me long enough.. anyways, i absolutely love the tree and the lighting in that one loft apartment. It slightly reminds me of the upstairs to that old indian resterant in thailand that had the cool old chairs. Also, the painting of the apple blossom tree is gorgeous. like.. gorgeos enough that i'd do it in my next room. i love the things you find. <3 you're the bestest blogger out there.

  2. oh! i love the wall with the cherry tree!

    re: oh! thank you so much for the tip! i will definately check it out;)


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