Sunday, November 15, 2009


Tada! Here is my fool-proof guide to buying your sister/girlfriend/girl-friend a Christmas gift for $35 or less (with a few exceptions that are just pretty). I really am not so confident about buying gifts for guys so I'm afraid that is not part of the package until I am illuminated by inspirational lightning. In general, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 & Anthropologie (shop the sales) are your best friends. I'm also a fan of Pier 1. Style staples: hair accessories, tights, cardigans & pencil skirts. Having said that, here are some of my favorite picks from "shopping" around. L2R: 1. Pale Blue Cardigan (Forever 21, $24.90) 2. "[] I Met and Liked" Journal Series - something for everyone, seriously (Archie Grand, ~ $16) 3. Sparkly Hair Pins (Forever 21, $7.80) 4. "Kimono and the Colors of Japan" by Katsumi Yumioka (Amazon, ~ $30) 5. Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish (Essie, $8) 6. Elephant Tea Pot (Pier 1, $15.95).

And some more... L2R: 1. Rabbit Ring (Urban Outfitters, ~ $34) 2. Doll Chair Jewelry-Holding-Sculpture (Urban Outfitters, ~$80?) 3. Retro Phone (Urban Outfitters, ~$90?) 4. Vintage French Notebooks (Urban Outfitters, $16).

Ok, and 3 more that didn't cooperate with my collage making. 1. Woodstock Harmonica Necklace - it really works! (Les Jumelles Boutique, 22EU) 2. Indian Spices Set - Small (Purpose Design, $15) 3. Original Art Work! - this drawing was done by my friend Kelee. Isn't it great?! I love it.

I just finished watching Up with my fam. It's so sad in places. :( But also nice. And also cute. And also funny. It made me think that cities would be completely shiny without those charming old houses in the middle of no where if it weren't for grumpy hard-headed people.

I shall attempt to go to school tomorrow. Wish me luck! [FBers, click for blog]


  1. those gift ideas are awesome, i love forever 21...
    and that pic of the girl in the jacket is amazing!

  2. Eric fortune is really good, i love em.

    yeah i usually shop in the guy section, most of the time. even though it doesn't have much it still has good cloths, i think.


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