Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The older I get, the more the holidays seem to creep up on me. Today was the first remotely holiday-ish day of the season, I think. The weather was almost tropical. Over-cast, but warmish. Jonas and I shared a peppermint latte and I wore a sweater and there was jazz in the background. As of last year, winter is my favorite season. I am hoping fall will be fully gone soon. // I really enjoy the college group I've been attending the last few weeks. I'm glad to have found a place where I feel proud and secure of the inclinations of my heart. Not for the sake of being right or accepted exclusively, but because it makes me feel like I'm a part of something important. We were talking a bit about charities tonight & I've been thinking to myself for a few days now that I would like to find a cause to give to. There are so many truly needy places and people and causes. I would love your input if you know of something you think especially needs funding. // In important news: my family has lived in America for 2 years as of today! We were trying to remember our first day back, but it's blurred with all other travels in my mind now. A lot as happened in 2 years. Imagine what can happen in 2 more... Also, the Berlin wall came down 20 years ago today. That seems incredible to me. I guess that it's only been 20 years. But at the same time I have no recollection of that event (obviously - I wasn't born yet) & it doesn't seem to come up often. Somehow I always think it happened on my birthday though (?!). // I finished my altered book today. Pictures on FB later. It came together pretty nicely in the last 20 minutes that I worked on it or so and I am actually quite pleased with it. I also have a big ol' paper I should be working on at this very moment, so I will leave you with this awesome song (ok video... can't find the song alone anywhere online) by jj. Those Swedes are at it again.

To be posted soon... holiday gift guide[s]. Sleep well everyone. :) [Click to view video].

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