Monday, November 2, 2009


It saddens me to see 1/4 of a Jamba Juice smoothie left in the blender and thrown out. It's not like anyone touched it, for crying out loud. Jon and I just went - we both like the Strawberry Surf Rider best but agree that it's embarrassing to ask for anything on the menu because of the ridiculous names. // Ok, check out this incredible picture. Jimmy is a friend of mine/cousin of a cousin of a long-time friend who happens to be both a gymnast and rock star. So there ya go (the band pictured is Szilva).

Check out these cute "rouge pots" by Stila. There are a whole bunch of them with different pretty lids, but I haven't found a place where you can view the whole line yet. I rarely wear blush, but it's amazing to see how instantly fresh it can make your face appear.

So, I discovered Jed Root last night - a website with portfolios by those behind the scenes of major Magazines. Love these two by Inge Fonteyne.

I love this photo (by Barry Feinstein, 1966) because even from the back, Bob Dylan is unmistakable.

Cheers. & if you're on facebook, I promise, the blog is cooler.

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