Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday was my lovely sister Annelise's birthday (17). Tomorrow my brother Jonathan turns 14. Hard to believe! I don't have many pictures of Jon, but here are some of Pep that I've been saving just for this occasion. My mom made an incredible baby-back ribs dinner & and I made some delicious candied orange peel (hooray Foodgawker!) - the holiday season has arrived. [Also, a chalk pastel drawing she gave to me from last semester's drawing 2 class w/ Mr. Hood.] Happy Birthday t0 you two great friends!

I like that you talk to strangers on Halloween - I mean, people ring your doorbell and stuff. I dressed up, uneventfully, but I whipped together an awesome Mad Hatter costume for Jonas in like 2 minutes and I was so proud of myself. It looked awesome. I'm sure it will be on facebook later. // So guess what? Gabby Young (previous post) is following this blog! Cool, huh? Thanks Gabby. :) // I randomly remembered this song called "Ten Thousand" (another tip off from Parker a long time ago) that I love by John Mark Mcmillian (associated with the Glorious Unseen...?). I went to his mypspace (so should you!) and I also love his song "Carbon Ribs." I may actually buy those two on iTunes because I can't find them anywhere else. That will be my first ever iTunes purchase O.O Here is a photo of him. He has a wife, Sarah, who he calls "my sugarhotsweetness" and a baby son named Jude.

While at the Norton Simon museum 2 weekends ago, I took a picture of the cover of a book so that I could look up the artist later. Turned out to be Shepard Fairey who makes "propaganda" art & including the famous "Hope" posters of President Obama. I think most of his work is taken from real photos which he then over-hauls in his own style. I love that he takes images from the Middle East and Asia. See here.

I have so much more to share. 2 of my classes @ Hancock are officially finished, so hopefully I'll have a little more time. In which I should find a new job, but that's beside the point. 'Nite!
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  1. i just checked out Shepard Fairey, he does some awesome stenciling!

    haha yeah, i think i was going to get fired anyway for been an idiot, so i quit and decided to go travel with my family who is looking for a home to buy.

    I took that picture when i was walking up orcutt hill, it looks like a stencil because i bumped up the contrast.

  2. yeah most likely.
    by the way nice glasses, reminded me of john lennon.


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