Monday, October 5, 2009


The subject of favorite animals came up several times today and Annelise and I were realizing that very few people know what a Capybara. Only the cutest animal ever! So ok kids, science lesson. Capybaras (native to South America, I believe) are the biggest rodents on earth. But don't let the term "rodent" disgust you. They are like a cross between a beaver, a pig, and a horse. Except nicer. Maybe I should just show you a picture.

They are often (apparently) domesticated. We grew up with a kid's book about a college student who brought one home. I wish I had one... They make very interesting noises too!
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  1. I saw one of those at the Zoo a few days ago:)

  2. I love capivaras! I used to see them in Brasil all the time. They would cross the road in a line...the whole little capivara family. sooo cute.

    (this is NSA leah btw. :) oh i love being classified as an nsaer. haha. )


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