Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I really have a lot of homework. And suddenly a lot to blog about too - I've been in a sort of blogging slump the last few days. // Driving to school today, I popped in my Untitled album by the Benjamin Gate. Cool story and meaning to their emblem, tight sound. It's a real bummer they broke up. Check out this 90's awesomeness.

Yesterday was wild. First thing, went to Kay's Country Kitchen in Orcutt with Jonas for breakfast.

I had an artichoke, spinach, garlic omelet that was so good! Jonas got a different kind of omelet that wasn't as impressive, but he got the cranberry muffin which was better than my blueberry one. We have so much fun together. Breakfast was followed by hours and hours of school and we wrapped up with a visit to First Christian's college group. I'm glad we went, and I think we will go again. :) It made me ask hard questions of myself. And besides, the room they meet in has 30 (no exaggeration) couches in it. I am all there. During our mixed media class, there was a patch of light moving across the room, so, what could we do but whip out the camera?

Today, I stupidly waited an extra hour at school because I misread my tutee appointment slip. Poop. It was windy today, though warmer outside than in, so I sat on the lawn in front of the Writing Center until one of those spiky green nut-like things from one of the big trees blew off and landed hard on my leg. After that pleasant experience, I went to the bank and then shopping for some mixed media supplies for my next project. I went to Betty's Fabrics and found this gorgeous cloth. [I was going to add a picture, but the ones I look do it no justice what so ever]. // If I spend very long in there I get sick with want. I was behind a woman at the check out who was probably 70+ years old. She had a really interesting ring on so I told her how pretty I thought it was. She proceeded to tell me that she had been married 2 months ago in Las Vegas and that the ring was the sum total of all the gems taken from her grandmother's collection of jewelry. Great idea if you have too much jewelry and too little time to wear it all. Next, I voluntarily went to OSH and payed 15 cents for some nails. I weighed and labeled them by myself, like a real man. Except, I was wearing tailored pants and heels. The cashier kind of chuckled at me. // On my way home, it occurred to me, accompanied by a mildly warm sensation, that American traffic moves like clock work. Everyone operates by the same rules and takes turns. Novel, really. I get worried that we're a devil nation sometimes, just as the media seems to imply, but honestly, I kind of feel like all the America bashing is just a fad. I guess time will tell. // I need to go to bed early tonight. Zzzzz. Tootles.
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  1. no were not a devil nation, i have a few friends that are into the anarchist ordeal of no government and freedom with drugs. and there is the religious people who disagree with abortion, gays and anything of that sort due to biblical issues. so to some it is.
    but don't take my word, some say i have a dead conscience, i may be wrong...

  2. Kay's is the best place!!! I love having breakfast there..


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