Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yesterday was the first real day of my new job which I've officially had for 5 weeks now or something. I had my first "tuttee," as they are called. That is, I tutored a student in English. // When I got home, I called up Jonas and we decided to ride bikes to Blenders in the Grass. 1/3 of the way there, the chain on his bike broke, so we had to walk back and get a different bike and start again. When we got there, he got a peanut butter smoothie, and I got red mango. We were right next to the pet store which helped us devise our devious plan... My youngest sister, Julia, has a little fish bowl that she filled with rocks and shells and water. Then she proceeded to show everyone her "fish" and though it was greatest fun when people confusedly left without having seen it. Sooo, Jonas and I actually bought 2 Siamese fighting fish (Betta fish) - he kept one (it's gorgeous - red with tiny blue scales on its body) and I got a shimmery blue-ish red-ish rainbow looking one. But first, we filled two jars with water and went on and on about the beautiful "fish" inside. My whole family played along and Julia pretended with us. Later when she was occupied, we put the real fish into her bowl and then pretended as if we couldn't see any fish. When we finally all admitted that we could of course see the real fish, she was pretty smiley but said with a giant exhale-laugh, "You guys stressed me out!" Hehe. Julia's doesn't have a name yet, but Jonas is thinking about "Okami" (I think...) for his. He always thinks of great names for things (Julia wanted to name hers Billy...). Here's a painting to show you a bit what these fish look like, since I don't have a picture for our little nameless fish yet. (by DeviantArt's Jennifer The First) They're very shimmery and multicolored, often, which you can't tell from the painting.

We also watched several episodes of Invader Zim which is pretty awesome. Grr is definitely one of my favorite animated characters ever (haha, this picture totally doesn't match with the other two..). "I love dis showwww..."

I have been too lazy thus far to unsubscribe from my word-a-day emails, and this weeks' theme had to do with books. These two words make me happy: 1. grangerize (GRAYN-juh-ryz) is a verb meaning a) To mutilate a book by clipping pictures out of it or b) To illustrate a book by adding pictures cut from other books. 2. comstockery (KOM-stock-uh-ree, KUM-) is a noun meaning overzealous censorship of material considered obscene. Haha, love it! // My room has almost no floor space left... time to clean. We cleaned out our garage this morning and everyone keeps coming to me asking if I want this or that random object because chances are, I will say, "Hm... yes! Mixed media." ^^// Good news: I think... I'm not sure... but I thinkkkk, there might be a little shoot coming up in my flower garden. // Bad news: There is a rumor that Fullerton is increasing it's "fees" by 33% (which will put the new price at $4000 something). Still better than most other places, but kind of a drag when you don't even have $3000 for said fees. // Last, but not least, my promised music discovery, CéU (apparently already hugely popular in her native Brazil). Listen here or here. What a lovely lady and sound.

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