Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This post is dedicated to bizarre things (when I don't have something specific/current to blog about, I try and group the awesome things I come upon and bookmark *almost* daily). I think I heard of all of these via Urban Outfitters, so a shout out to them for quirky findings. // German man skating down a roller coaster. Fantastic idea... Uh, I mean, stupid, stupid, idea, Mom.

Whoever said Americans were wasteful didn't know what they were talking about. Check out these comical, sometimes ridiculously dangerous, ways to get the most of your junk (from - similar to Whoever said Americans are plagued by bad grammar did know what they were talking about ;) That site made me laugh so much the first time I saw it. After that, not so much).

This last one remains a mystery to me. Do the seeds start inside the shaped plastic and simply grow over the mold or what? I wonder if these pears cost more than regular pears. Probably. Even though you won't get anything more out of a Buddha pear than a regular one... except maybe a feeling of deep satisfaction...

I did not realize that my mixed media portrait was due yesterday which will result in me frantically trying to complete it (I have most of it left to do) this afternoon. Bum-z. If it turns out like I'm imagining though (highly unlikely), it's gonna be awesome. // After a burn-out day at school, I stopped by Michael's and bought beads and ribbon. Probably a bad therapeutic habit, but there ya have it. I have a lonely hair pin that is crying to be decorated too.... ^^ Yessss. // P.S. This is post #100. :)
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