Monday, September 14, 2009


Posts are short these days, as I pretend to be studying. But also more frequent as I take breaks. // Thanks to whoever stopped by for a look-see from India, Bulgaria, Thailand & more. I truly appreciate it, guys. // TODAY IS SPECIAL AND SWEET TO ME. JONAS, I LOVE YOU, DARLING. // [Norah Jones lyrics, BigPicture photo] The prettiest thing / I ever did see / Was lightning from the top of a cloud / Moving through the dark a million miles an hour / With somewhere to be...

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  1. yesssss Van Gogh = awesome...
    so that painting in your last blog is wonderful...
    yeah everything is good with me, i was confused and depressed so i wrote no! a few times...
    To bad there are no lightning storms like that here, haha. my sis lived in Thailand for a bit and said they had crazy storms there. hm.

  2. I just looked up Kris Lewis, def the style I'm into.
    That's pretty cool, I want to go out there sometime, Thai soup is delicious, haha.

    Well I think that everyone in our culture is becoming robots, with actions and emotions, very dry. but I could be wrong, maybe it's just something i experienced when i moved to Santa maria, small towns lack a few things. I guess I don't know much about other cultures to say that America is heartless. I'm still learning...

    yeah Dolores O'Riordan is pretty.

    so what classes are you taking?

  3. i think the boneheaded people have allot of control, not trying to bash on any political leaders.
    that is true, i see allot of people wanting things to change for the best. i guess there will always be two sides.
    yeah im really glad to live here and now too, maybe i sound like im complaining.

    awesome, all those classes seem pretty cool. I want to take philosophy, it seems interesting.

  4. yeah I thought it was amazing how so many people took part and were so interested in this last election. I'm not exactly sure how excited I am about some of the things our president stands for such as the health care issue, I have friends who live in Canada and say its not the greatest thing. yet it's awesome to see that people are noticing the downfall that America maybe headed for and are trying to change it.
    i think that as time goes on the world will just keep getting more and more engrossed with selfish desires and sin. not saying i think we should give up on everything that has good morals, but to try harder and make it more noticeable to those who do not see it how things are.
    I don't know if i made any sense, I'm not thinking straight at the moment.

    well darn it... i was thinking it would be an amazing class.... oh well... =p


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