Friday, September 11, 2009


Let us remember those who have gone before us and treasure those to come after us. 091101-091109.

[Big Picture photo] Starbucks with Jonas, Jordan, Alex, Allyssa, Brittany, Victoria & Bradley "Abe" last night was super fun. I'm really happy to be living here now, despite the super-small town vibe. Hehe. // Just had melted cheese, avacado & lime salsa on TJ's olive bread. YUM, seriously. // Obviously, I have a new header. ^^ Excited! The font is called Type Keys and is free on, thanks to user Typadelic. // I sometimes wish for hair like this... [this first photo is Adeline Rapon. Can't remember if that's the photographer or subject. I've had the second photo for ages...]

I went to an academic counselor at AHC today to fix my life. ;) I was/am pretty bummed that it's taking so much longer to get things up and running as far as transferring than I had planned, but look what I have to look forward to - beautiful concert hall at CSUF!

I may go up to SLO to see the new Forever21 tonight with some cats. Should be a blast. :D
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