Monday, September 7, 2009


I actually knew today's "word of the day" (odious). Good for me! :D
Ok, I have like... a billion things to share. // My favorite entertainment finds of the week: indie film Once ('07) and perfect old school-new school blend band, Noisettes. First, about Once. I love those movies that you enjoy right from the start. And that are real. I mean, the end of the movie is like a real life ending! Sometimes I like movies to end "right" because I often watch movies to relax from real life, but this one was just right. It was also one of those movies that I ran upstairs and bought the soundtrack for right after seeing it. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova = love. I had a short obsession back in my freshman year of high school with the Czech Republic. I can't remember why. // Noisettes have a very different sound, but loads of fun. It's fun and sophisticated at once and I adore the lead singer's style.

My room is undergoing a makeover. I bought a vintage desk (picture later) and took down my regular wall art which made everything look empty, so I my curtain sheer which is suffocates my ferns in the window and tacked it to my ceiling as a canopy. I also bought a red Ranunculus bulb which I'm going to add to my garden. The garden isn't in the ground yet, but I'm slowly accumulating things to put in it. I'm excited for it. It will be like the comfort of the cat that I don't have. // I went to a hippy bike/banjo party for my friend Skaggs this morning. There was pita bread and humus and people with red hair. :j I was a fan.

Just one more thing today, so you're not overwhelmed with awesomeness. ;) My aunt Cathy stopped by and showed us this awesome video. Isn't that so much fun! I wonder if I can ask Matt if he would go to Xinjiang? And it would be fun to be in one of his shots too. I'd never heard of some of those places in his video, but I'd love to visit them all!

I should run off to write a paper on my *possibly* favorite mixed media artist, Swoon. :D Laterz. And happy Labor Day extended-weekend!
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  1. I JUST SAW ONCE!!!! and I loved it, without a doubt one of my favorites. The ending was very realistic and the music was inspiring!

    yeah the job is ok, sorta fun...

    well I'm not sure what I'm doing. I'm not a big fan of Santa Maria but that's sorta where most of my friends are. maybe Ill move to Europe!

    hmm I'm not sure what parts I would want to go to, Denmark and Stockholm for sure, one of the pics i put up was from Stockholm. Lots of cool cities there.


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