Friday, September 4, 2009


Jessica Singh is a creative cat - check out some of her illustrations. I especially love the tattoo like designs especially.

This is funny to me. If you start to type in "how to" to your google search box, the oddest/most amusing things come up. (Is how to get pregnant up for debate again, folks?) How to tie a tie is pretty useful though, I admit.

If you read the news or live in CA, you have probably heard about the fires. I've had this photo since the recent Santa Barbara fire. It's horrifying and beautiful in a way. More rioting has broken out in Urumqi. No photos of that, but I do have this shocking one from back when Georgia and Russia (right..?) were fighting. Unreal. And makes the problems in my life seem so trivial. I wonder sometimes how sad I should be allowed to be over anything in my life when other people's sadnesses involve their children dying from hunger. Is there even anything in looking at stuff that way? I mean since suffering so much depends on... well, so many factors? Is pain greater or more worth mourning if you're destitute?

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