Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The project I worked on this summer for Hardy Diagnostics was finally implemented on to the web. It's kind of fun to see the pictures on the website and think... "I did that. And it was wretched, but still.... I did that!" // I'm not a big fan of Brooke Waggoner's music, actually, but she sure is a cute lady! And by cute I mean enchantingly indie.

I spent a lot of time falling asleep, sleeping, and being bummed out today. Bad news about transfer business which I am dedicated to mourning over for several days. Why don't lives work out as planned like they do in movies? Why oh why? I got some mixed media home work done (should keep on that in a moment) and tried to start business, but that didn't get far. Instead, I collected some new Etsy gems. Lucky for you. 1. Love Birdies ring by joannarutter, 2. Chair cards by annechovie and 3. Vintage-y blue pendant by faeriedtreasures.

I've also been weeding through my "inspiration draft" which is a drafted email in my gmail full of urls that I should follow through on looking at. One of these dormant notes to self turned out to be about Janet Hill. She is a painter who seems to have a really good grasp of oils. Harder than it looks, my friends. She also has a TON of paintings which I know from personal experience does a lot to make a good artist a great artist. Here is a lovely example of her work, entitled "Toast and Cherry Jam." Her earlier work (wasn't patient enough to make it all the way to the beginning of her blog if those earlier pieces are indeed posted there) are much larger and more dark/dramatic which I almost prefer, but I do enjoy sunshiny things as well. :)

May the rest of this week bring you all good news and sunshine, and not tears!
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  1. Brooke Waggoner's gorgeous with short hair.

    two more years huh? that's a bummer, you could be dead by then... not really, it will all work out for the better, k? =)

    well I'm trying to work right now. I think I have a job... i think...

    no way!!! Edward Scissorhands is my hero! Tim Burton is an awesome director.

    oh and that bible study is down here in southern California, that's where I'm at right now. but if i ever find a good bible study in SM I'll be sure to let ya know. although i never found a one up there.

    gum gum gum... right now I'm chewing this doublemint stuff, sometimes I like orbit or that gum with the 5 on it haha. I'm sorta new to the addiction.

    oh, and you have awesome music in your playlist.

  2. its hard sometimes to find a line between dreams and reality. its good to have goals but its also good to realize things don't always go according to plan. something I have been thinking about lately...

    well i might work at this old fashion restaurant type of thing, haha.

    yes! I am sooo excited for Alice in Wonderland, I'm thinking it will be marvelous. from what I've seen it will.

    I'm in grand terrace right now, maybe an hour and some past LA? mhm, lots of lovely smog.

    oh yeah eclipse is yummy too, I'll have to buy some!


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