Monday, August 31, 2009


I am tired and bummed out. I'm worried that I won't have enough credits to transfer (if you need a certain number?) after this WHOLE year and that bums me out. Big time. In the meantime, I'm reading Wicked, by Gregory Maguire and thanks to Danielle & Genna, I have Julie&Julia by Julia Powel and My Life In France by Julia Child to start when I've finished this (I love how the website for the movie has that unraveling wisk. Flash amazes me. I wish I knew how to use it. But it annoys me when books covers are altered to fit the movie posters). I'm excited! I miss reading during the seasons where I have little time for it. Maguire has apparently written several novels based off of common fairy tales. He is a good writer and I look forward to discovering his other books. I'm enjoying Wicked the book much more than I enjoyed the play, though the flying scene at the intermission was pretty awesome, I must say. (Oh, and in other book news, Pride&Prejudice&Zombies turned out to be lame, imo. Bum Mer!)

I don't know what will happen with my life in the future, but at least I have my dreams, which are tempted to include a house just like this. Yum.

And to put in this house, a super cool earthy table by Michael Aram. I would have designed the legs differently, but that's minor since I could probably never afford a designer table. The awesome thing about being a self proclaimed innovative hippie, at least in part of my heart, is that I have no problem with bringing in an unfinished slab of tree to use as a table. All you need for that is a friend in the logging or lumber yard business or just a yard with a dead tree in it & a saw. Never mind that current hippies would probably hate me for cutting a tree.

Muse has a new album coming out, The Resistance, to hit stores Sep. 14th. Probably old news to you. I'm a fan of their album art and also some of their music, especially the piano heavy ones. I like how the whole band seems to wreak of starlight in my brain. Check out the cover of their single "Invincible" as well. Colors make me happy. So do kissing wraith-like people. And hexagonal (?) walkways... (haha, is it terrible that I'm feeling bad that I haven't been consistent about which titles I put in quotation marks in this post? I'm going to let it rest because I totally need to loosen up).

I have draft one of paper one for English to write this evening. The topic is basically about minorities in government, be they "the wise" or the rich. I feel myself automatically gravitating towards democratic government ideals (not as in the party, per se, but just a government for the people, by the people) and I'm not sure if it's because it's truly the best way or if I've just been brought up that way. Ever get that sensation? Kinda freaky. // Isn't this intense? The first ever weightless wedding, via a specially equipped Boeing 727. I try and keep track of the wacky ways people get married (drive throughs, blow up churches, underwater...)What some people will go to just for kicks/fame these days... I guess you gotta give them credit - there aren't many things that haven't yet been done out there anymore. I personally hope to get married with the fluids in my body flowing in a normal direction. (Is there something wrong with our culture if we HAVE to have a wow factor on important days.... as if it weren't already special or the really important thing is to end up in a magazine? Dot dot dot.)

Ok, well that concludes my fooling-instead-of-homeworking for the time being. ^^
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  1. I want to read wicked so bad, I hear all his books are amazing.
    so your going to transfer to a different collage? nice.
    YES i saw the music video, i fall in love with her every time I watch it, haha.

    so this is the URL (I don't know if links work in comments) there isn't much on my flickr worth looking at... but here it is
    yup yup

  2. hmm, its because she is so flirty with her eyes, thats why all the guys like her so much. but im happy her and Ben Gibbard are engaged, their minds click the same way... or something like that... both of them are perfect, i love death cab =) i plan on babysitting their kids when their out playing shows.

    well I'm just saving up money right now and ill take some classes next semester. ill just have to wait and pray it all falls into place. prolly wont haha.
    -oh yea, i love Muse!-


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