Monday, August 24, 2009


If you go a few months back in posts, you will see that I was getting carried away with my wedding posts. I was blogging everything wedding. Now it's food. Bare with me! I guess this blog is just one of shifting obsessions. ^^ It's so funny to me because I used to be so anti-cooking. Right now my mom is baking beef chops (?) that she soaked in curry and then grilled for a bit...mmm-m! I ran out of House and IT Crowd episodes to watch late at night, so I've started on NBC's "the Chopping Block" which is one of those ridiculous cooking shows where the host pretty much takes joy in harassing the participants into tears and profanities. Excellent.
As I was looking through foodgawker...again.., I saw this photo which reminded me of a Chinese dish that we called "the hay stack." It's very thin, fried potatoes (thinner than pictured) which are almost airy. They stack them almost a foot (in my memory) high on the plate.

While on kitchen things, check out this retro kitchen stove from Elmira Stove Works. They make fridges too and the sets come in more groovy colors. How fun?!

Thanks for everyone's encouragement for this blog via facebook and such. It makes me so happy to know I have faithful and excited readers, or readers at all for that matter. You guys brighten my day! /// I love the first day of school and not being the new kid or the youngest kid! I love seeing people hollering at each other from across lots. Our class rooms are freshly painted and I GOT A JOB! I think... more on that later. Haha. Tutoring english. :) I love school. I love school! /// I've only really been to one class so far; English 103 (Critical Thinking) with Mrs. Farley, my English 101 teacher from last semester. She can be so ruthless, but she challenges me and that's invaluable. Now that I know I will survive her, I can just smile at her li-hai-ness too. ^^ Woopie! The guy sitting behind me, Corrie, doesn't like Ayn Rand or Nietzsche. I smell war. *sly grin.
Pretty much all my friends from high school are now in college somewhere or other. Some are nearly out! It's fun to see everyone's dorm pics and share their excitement. Lalalalalala, being young is so great! Never stop learning, guys. :D /// My last night in *legal* kid-dom! :O
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  1. Oh my goodness I totally want that stove, it's amazing!


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