Wednesday, August 26, 2009


082609 // Oh man, I'm going to be so mad at myself later *today* for staying up to write this. But... HULLO... since when has the lateness of an hour kept a college student from blogging? Like, never. Except for the smart ones and that's entirely beside the point. So I just realized that I received two comments and I didn't even know it until I happened to go into my drafted post area... YAHHHHYAHAYAH! Speaking of comments. O.M.G. As in, wow. I had SO many FB posts wishing me happy birthday. I replied to every one which I know is spastic and unrealistic, but there you have it. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so loved! Or really, for loving me. Even though my FB page is a little harried. Hehe. // I'm 18 years old! How 'bout it!? Certainly never yet cared this much about the actual digits. Unless it was like 6 or something, which I don't specifically remember, but I was secretly very excitable at that age, I'm guessing. Anyway, I drove 2 friends home today and it felt great! All those times I had to bum rides off other people... those days are over. // For my birthday, Jonas & family, as well as my family, got me all sorts of plants. I love them so. There are 2 kinds of ferns, 2 cacti, 3 succulents, a potted sunflower and a bouquet of some kind of flower that I don't know the name of in my house right now. Plus my orchid from last year's birthday which is blooming like a runaway train (you know what I mean) and my Valentine's tulip in the fridge which is ready to be planted again tomorrow after weeks of fake hibernation! YATA! Plants kiss my soul, like good food. I have some pictures that will definitely end up on FB if not here. I know I always say that and they never end up here... so just look on FB in the next album I post. ;) // I love my school and my classes. I stuck things I like into my binder cover slip today and I may go about getting my parking permit tomorrow... I love every detail of school. Except maybe the hard chairs after a few hours. Do you want to see some of the awesome things I've learned so far? In environmental geology, Mr. Rock man (I don't know his name yet... I know, bad!) showed us this incredible world clock. You can watch the population tick up by several babies a second! It's incredible. And funny if you try and imagine each birth as it happens. I wonder how many people are born on the same day at any given time? Like how many people on earth share my exact birthday, including the year? You can also watch the number of HIV infections tick up by the second, as well as gallons (?) of oil mined/pumped. It's mind boggling and sobering and intensely intriguing. How many tons of fish are being caught this very moment, how many violent crimes are being committed, where exactly is the sun shining? It will captivate your interest too. He also told our class about a field trip in October. We're going hiking for a week to document all things nature-y. Most of you probably know I'm quite the city mouse, as my mum says, but I'm actually totally excited about this. I like rocks. More detail on that later, I'm sure. Education is like candy to me. // Oi! I keep forgetting that I got a new job! Probably because I'm not working it yet, but I was hired to tutor English at AHC. I'm a little nervous, but again, feeling secure-er with a job. // Ok, I'm going to join the ranks of the sane (if that's still an option) and finish up another time. S'rry!

082709 // Still liking school... no kidding. Some of the glamour has worn off already, but I'm already bouncing with ideas for research papers, art projects, etc. I will attempt to share my favorites as they develop. // Mrs. Farley showed me this awesome site called freerice. I've added it to my favorites over on one of the right side panels. Basically, if you guess the correct defintion to the word freerice spits out, you win 10 grains of rice that go into a little bowl. All of those digital grains are FOR REALLY donated by freerice to the UN to help starving people around the world. You can pick other subjects to be quizzed on too. I'm starting around level 30 on vocab (even though you may be saving lives, it's kinddd of cheating to answer really easy questions all day long, yea?). I'm going to do this instead of a-word-a-day because I'm totally not being motivated by trying to use words with no practical value. The only thing I don't like about studying words on freerice is that some are intuitive enough to guess, but I may not know the word well enough to use it. It only shows up again in your word pile if you get the definition wrong though. I'll try and think of a remedy...

It's 8pm and all I've had all day is a can of Squirt. Boo. I need food. // New band I'm loving, Neon Hitch (thanks Parker). Listen here. I can't figure out where to buy her stuff though...? She sounds to me like a mix of Lady Sovereign, Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. Love the Brits. Love her red braids as well. Also, I love that Lily Allen took a picture of herself crying and posted it on Myspace. Love in in a complicated way. I won't trouble you with social commentary atm. ^^

I'll try and post more photos and do less talking in the next few posts! Hehe. // FB readers - view enhanced post.

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