Saturday, August 22, 2009


I know this is SUPER nerdy, but sometimes I wish I could bookmark a webpage more than once because I love it THAT MUCH! Today's find, thanks to Wired... It was love at first sight and I dared not hope that there were recipes attached to the pictures, but... there are. I'm trying to sit very still and quietly so I don't explode with excitement. Excellent photos make it that much more irresistible to me. It seems to be frequently updated with 700+ pages of photos already - I am in danger of becoming obsessed with keeping up with it. Here are just a few of the finger lickin' goodies I have my eye on (how is that for a mooshy sentence?). 1) Marsala Burgers 2) Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers from Korea (I can feel the burn in my stomach already) 3) Almond Parmesan Orzo 4) Apple and Blueberry Galette (I've had something similar made by a real french chef. To die for!). Happy obsessing!

I know I mentioned this once already, but Imogen Heaps long awaited new album comes out on my 18th birthday (25th). SO excited. Sounds like it's all on her myspace already. Go indulge your ears. Only half listening, my faves so far are "Tidal" and "Between Sheets." /// School starts the day after tomorrow. My textbooks made a $400+ dent in my mum's account and I have almost finished moving all my music from my old computer to my new one so that I can stealthily listen to tunes if during boring lectures... jkjk. But I'm excited to have a computer for classes. Not only will I look like a snob, I will be a target for crime as well. Seriously though, I'm really excited for school. I'm taking 5 classes and hopefully will land a tutoring job (for English) as well that will keep me with at least a minimal income. /// Also, can I just say that I love my boyfriend to death? He is stellar. Thanks for being a champ, Jonas. You are my fave.

[This picture is from a cute, cute wedding featured on Chennergy - LOVE that teeth brushing shot. As far as photos go, I'm tempted to say that sweet hugs are one of my all time favorites. Well, in real life too. ^^ And that's the truth.)
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  1. oh my word, I just looked at the food website. that is the most wonderful thing I have seen all day; nay, all week. ahh, it makes me sooo excited!! agh, I can't wait to make some of the things on there.


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