Friday, August 28, 2009


Oh my land... it is 112 degrees (F) here today. I kind of love it, even though my face is getting more and more red, because this probably the first really hot day ALL SUMMER! I miss the heat from living in the desert. // I went to my job orientation for tutoring this afternoon - nice fellow tutors and supervisor. :) I probably won't be working a ton since there are more than enough English tutors, but better than nothing. // Next, I went garage-sailing (harhar) with my mum and bought some mini muffin baking pans, a pair of boots and the awesomest, most rusty, decrepit, vintage old typewriter. Pictures later! I also saw a lovely desk at an antique attic here in Orcutt... would put me out $80, but I'm thinking about it. // Hope to go swimming tomorrow if the heat persists, and maybe back to the garage sale for more junk for my mixed media class. // Now I am home in as few clothes as decently possible with some cold lemonade. // Happy REAL summer, or last few days of it. :) // Here's an illustration I love by Eika Dopludo.

This quote (via Julia's blog) reminds me of G.K. Chesterton's ideas in Orthodoxy. One of my all time favorite books. Bradley will be reading it as he's starting year one of Torrey. Annelise is starting her second year, and I've moved all the text books into her room which took out about half of my bedside table made from stacked books. :( More on books next post (if I remember... :P )
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  1. hey there.
    haha that quote is so true.

  2. yeah, sorry if this is a private blog or something. but your post are pretty awesome.

    I think you had the same Eng 101 class as i did. I saw you and your brother in trader joe's one time, you wouldn't remember me, i was pretty quiet in class, ha. And you may not be the person I'm thinking of. I just found you going through my friends friends friends on blogger and thought your blog was pretty cool, haha. anyway thanks for the complement! photography is my passion...

  3. haha i see!
    well not all those photos are mine, the ones of bands and whatnot i found.
    nahhh I don't have a website, but i use flickr! (but i don't think i have any new photos on there)


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